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  • What to bear in mind when entering into a travel insurance contract

      When entering into a travel insurance contract, check that the insurance has the correct region of validity, sums insured and deductible, plus an extra note in case of sporting activities.

      • Region of validity – when entering into the contract, it is important to verify that the insurance is valid in the countries where you are going to travel. Insurance companies may have certain restrictions as to the countries in which the insurance cover isn’t valid. Therefore, if you check “World” when choosing your insurance, make sure whether the insurance cover is valid in your destination countries.
      • Sums insured – the sums insured must also be considered when entering into the contract. We recommend as high a possible sum insured for medical care insurance so you’re never in a situation where the sum insured is not sufficient.The sum insured for travel interruption and baggage insurance should cover any possible expenses you’ve made.
      • Sporting activities during a trip – if you are planning to engage in sports during your trip, it is important that you also inform us of all the related details, i.e. which sports you are planning to practice. Insurance companies may consider some
        sports to be risky, for example diving, alpine skiing or surfing. Some insurance companies do not indemnify the damage occurred when the insured person has been engaged in these sports. In some instances, you may have to purchase additional insurance cover.

      Deductible – sometimes, insurance companies have a deductible, i.e. the amount to be covered by the customer. Make sure to examine the deductible amounts in order to verify whether you are able to pay them when damage occurs. PZU only applies a deductible for baggage claims if you have made the choice yourself. A contract can also be entered into without a deductible.

  • European Health Insurance Card – why do I need one?

      When travelling in the European Union, bring along a European Health Insurance Card or its replacement certificate. The European Health Insurance Card gives you
      the right to all the medical care you need (the card is above all valid in national health care institutions) when staying in the European Union and the European Economic Area. The required medical care is not free of charge – payment is subject to the patient’s deductibles (visit fee, in-patient fees, etc.) pursuant to the rates of the country of location.

      Where can I receive the required medical care with a European Health Insurance Card?
      Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary.

      How can I apply for a European Health Insurance Card?

      • via the state portal www.eesti.ee
      • bring the application personally to the customer service of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund or send it via post to the address Lastekodu 48, Tallinn 10144.
      • digitally sign the application and send it to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund at info[at]haigekassa.ee
      • The European Health Insurance Card and its replacement certificate can only be applied for persons with a valid health insurance.

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  • What should be done upon a loss event?

      What should be done upon a loss event?
      If you incur a loss event during your trip or you need support in relation to your travel insurance, please contact the PZU 24-hour customer service number +372 622 4599 at the first opportunity. You can also provide notice of a loss event at reisikahju[at]pzu.ee.

      What to do in case of a medical care and accident event:

      • If you urgently need emergency care or for someone to organise it, immediately contact FALCK, the loss partner of PZU, who will help you quickly get the required care and issue a letter of guarantee to the medical institution if required.
      • If you can visit a doctor on your own and pay for the initial expenses, you can visit the nearest suitable medical institution with a valid activity licence – PZU has not limited the selection of medical institutions in any manner whatsoever.
      • In the medical institution, request that the doctor issue an extract of your medical history specifying the date of visiting the medical institution, the reason therefor, any examinations conducted, the diagnosis, and the prescribed treatment.
      • If the damage has been caused due to a fire, robbery, assault, traffic accident, etc., please also submit the documents evidencing the facts and circumstances of the event, e.g. notice of the traffic accident, a certificate issued by the police, etc.
      • Make sure to keep and store all the expense receipts related to the medical treatment expenses (invoices of medical services and medicines, etc.).

      What to do in case of baggage loss:

      • Upon the robbery or theft of baggage, immediately contact the local law enforcement authorities and register the event. Remember to request for a copy of the police report.
      • If your baggage is delayed, destroyed or lost, register the event immediately at the responsible air carrier and request that a respective certificate be issued.
      • Collect and store any and all evidence that may be of importance when evidencing the fact of incurring the damage and its extent (statements of witnesses, photographs, etc.).
      • If your baggage is delayed, keep and store all the expense receipts related to purchasing essential articles.

      What to do in case of a travel interruption loss event:

      • Inform the tour operator, accommodation establishment, transport company or another service provider at the first opportunity of the necessity of cancelling or interrupting the trip and clarify whether and what kind of damage you will thereby incur.
      • In case of events arising from your health, please make sure to register this at a doctor at the first opportunity and request that a respective certificate be issued.
      • When late for a trip, you need to submit a written certificate of the transport company that specifies the exact time and reason of the delay of the means of transport; being late for a trip due to being involved in a traffic accident must be verified with a certificate issued by the police or a filled traffic accident form.

      What to do in case of a liability insurance loss event:

      • Register the damage caused to the third party at the police, a medical institution or elsewhere, based on the nature of the event.
      • Having received a claim from the injured party, request that they submit all the documents serving as the basis for the claim.
      • Collect and store any and all documents that may be of importance for identifying the fact of incurring the damage and its extent.

      Inform PZU of the occurred loss event at the first opportunity and, having received the notice for registration of a loss event, please submit all the documents requested in the notice that are required for processing the loss event.

  • Changes in contact details

      If you have changed your telephone number, place of residence or e mail address, please call the PZU customer service telephone 622 4599 or e-mail info[at]pzu.ee to register the change.

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.