Contractor’s plant and machinery insurance

The target market of contractor’s plant and machinery insurance comprises companies and self-employed persons entered in the Estonian Commercial Register who own and/or use self-propelled, towable or attachable machinery and their accessories.

Contractor’s plant and machinery insurance covers vehicles and machines that are used for:

  • construction work (cranes, road construction vehicles, earthmoving machinery, lifting equipment, etc.);
  • agriculture (combine harvesters, tractors, mowers, seeders, etc.);
  • forestry (harvesters, forwarders, timber trailers, etc.).

Contractor’s plant and machinery insurance is essentially all-risk insurance, i.e. insured events are any and all unexpected and unforeseeable events that have not been precluded in the terms and conditions.

  • The most common causes for damage in case of contractor’s plant and machinery insurance are:

      • negligence of the operator of the vehicle or machine
      • fire, including soot, smoke, lightning, etc.
      • natural disasters, including storms, flooding, landslide, cave-in, etc.
      • vandalism
      • theft

  • Upon an insured event, we will indemnify the following as regards the insured object:

      • restoration or repurchasing expenses
      • additional justified expenses that are required for making the object operational:
        • travel and accommodation expenses of the representatives of the manufacturer, importer or reseller performing repairs
        • rescue and recovery expenses (including expenses on cleaning)
        • expenses for the disposal of a damaged object from the scene of accident
        • disassembly and assembly expenses
        • expenses for transporting the object to the repair shop and back
      • Additional expenses in relation to eliminating the consequences of an insured event will be indemnified to the extent of 10% of the sum insured and no more than €10,000.

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.