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Home insurance

PZU home insurance gives you and your family more security about your home and property. Insuring your house, apartment, terraced house, outbuilding or summer home will give you peace of mind, as everything will be taken care of in the event of unexpected, sudden or unforeseeable damage. In addition to the usual insurance cover (e.g. fire, water accident, burglary, vandalism, storm), we also offer comprehensive insurance and cover for the rent of temporary housing, flood damage and liability insurance. This way, we can guarantee maximum insurance cover for your buildings and property. An insurance contract can be entered into for up to three years.

The target market of home insurance comprises persons owning residential real estate and/or movable property.

  • Why choose PZU home insurance?

      • Built-in furniture and integrated kitchen appliances are insured with the building or apartment.
      • 24-hour PZU Home Assistance service.
      • Cover for the internal electrical or mechanical malfunctions of home contents and integrated kitchen appliances that are up to four years old.
      • We do not take the depreciation of the insured object into account upon indemnification. We indemnify for the damage by the principle “new for the old”, considering the differences specified in the terms and conditions of home insurance.
      • Underinsurance is not taken into account upon indemnification.
      • In addition to the possibility to restore or reacquire the insured object, we also indemnify the costs of prevention or reduction of damage, cleaning costs and the required additional expenses for the restoration of the object in an amount of up to 10% of the sum insured of the object.
      • The home contents carried by the policyholder and their family members are insured to the extent of 3,000 euros and the cover is valid everywhere in the world.
      • Valuables are also insured among home contents to the extent of 4,000 euros.
      • If you have home contents and comprehensive risk insurance, your bankcard is also insured against theft or robbery in Estonia. The cash unlawfully withdrawn with the bankcard from an ATM and the damage caused by unlawful payments with the card are indemnified to the extent of 1,000 euros.
      • Deductible is not applied:
        • in the case of an insured event of fire or storm if the structure that is the object of insurance was destroyed to the extent of more than 50%;
        • to shattered glass surfaces or the replacement of locks broken in the course of a break-in;
        • to legal costs in the case of liability insurance;
        • in the event of insurance cover for rent of temporary housing.
      • The structures belonging to the building are also insured, e.g. lights, fences, gates, barriers, flag masts and shelters, and small buildings of up to 20 m 2 and the heating fuels required for heating the building to the maximum total extent of 10,000 euros.

  • Types of insurance cover

      There are different types of insurance cover that you can choose from. You are able to choose just the ones that you deem necessary. If required, you are able to contact our consultants for help.

      Fire The damage caused by fire, soot, smoke or fire extinguishing water, direct contact with lightning, explosion, including that of an explosive, or a piloted aircraft, its parts or cargo falling down is indemnified.
      Water accident The damage caused by water, wastewater or others liquids or steam discharged as a result of a breakage of the internal water supply, sewerage, heating or cooling system of the building or their parts; water or wastewater discharged as a result of a breakage of the internal rainwater drainage pipes of the building or their parts; water discharged as a result of a breakage of household appliances permanently connected to the internal water supply and sewerage system of the building and their parts; and water discharged from a fish tank is indemnified. The repair costs of the utilit system and pipeline of the insured building that caused the water accident are also indemnified to the extent of 1,000 euros.
      Burglary The damage caused by burglary, i.e. theft of property by breaking in, robbery or an act of vandalism, is indemnified. We also indemnify the expenses to be incurred for the restoration of the barriers of the building or parts thereof that have been broken or damaged in the course of a break-
      in or robbery or an attempt thereof. The expenses on the exchange of locks and acquisition of new locks will be indemnified without applying the deductible if the key or code for opening the lock was removed from the possession of the policyholder or a person authorised by them during the burglary or robbery.
      Vandalism The damage caused to the insured object by the intentional spoilage or destruction of the property by a third party is indemnified. The damage caused by the shattering of a glass surface of the building serving as the insured object is also indemnified without applying the deductible. The damage caused to the insured building due to the theft of its parts is also indemnified.
      Storm The damage caused by a storm; a tree or another object falling on the insured object as a result of a storm; hail or ridged ice is indemnified. A storm means wind with a speed of at least 18 meters per second. If the speed of the wind cannot be determined, storm means wind that caused damage to structures or objects near the place of insurance that were in impeccable condition. Storm damage also means the damage to the insured object that could have only been caused by a storm.
      Flood The damage caused to the insured object by a storm, precipitation or the flooding of a body of water is indemnified. Flood only means a natural flood caused by a storm, precipitation (including melting snow) or the flooding of a body of water. A natural flood means an extraordinary rise in the water level resulting in unusually large quantities of water that the ground and/or properly established drainage system (including drainage and sewerage system) cannot absorb.
      Rainwater We will indemnify for damage caused by water that seeped through the building structures. Indemnification covers damage sustained by interior decoration or household property as a result of the initial rainwater or meltwater seepage and not exceeding 3,000 euros, on the condition that there was no water seepage at the insured location during the last five years.
      The damage caused to the insured object by an unexpected, sudden and unforeseeable event that is not provided in clauses 3.3 to 3.8 of the home insurance terms and conditions or precluded in the home insurance terms and conditions is indemnified. An insured event can, for example, be the breakage of objects as a result of a fall, mechanical malfunction of home appliances or a malfunction caused due to over-voltage or under voltage or the breakage of the utility systems.
      The damage arising from unexpected, sudden and
      unforeseeable unlawful damage caused to a third party resulting in the obligation of the policyholder and/or their family member to compensate for such damage pursuant to legislation is indemnified. In addition to the damage caused, the legal costs required for fighting a claim and protecting the rights of the insured person are also indemnified if necessary. For example, an insured event could mean the damage caused by snow that fell from the roof of the insured building on a vehicle that is not yours, a water accident that started from the residential premises and damaged the property of the downstairs neighbours, a ball kicked into the neighbour’s window by your child, crashing into a pedestrian when riding a bike, or the event where the family’s pet bit a passer-by.
      Rent of
      The rent of temporary housing and the expenses of moving there and back after an insured event that made the insured person’s home inhabitable are indemnified. Loss of rent is also indemnified if the insured residential premises had been leased but became inhabitable as a result of the insured event. The indemnity is paid until the home of the insured person is renovated or restored, but for no longer than 12 months.


PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.