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Liability insurance

The range of PZU liability insurance services comprises professional activity liability insurance, producer’s liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance and professional liability insurance for a limited number of professions.

The target market of liability insurance comprises persons entered in the Estonian Commercial Register.

  • General Third Party Liability insurance

      indemnifies damage caused by the insured person to a third person due to an unexpected event that occurred in their professional activities. General Third Party Liability insurance is first and foremost needed by the owners and managers of immovable property and infrastructure, industrial enterprises, service providers (cleaning, repair and maintenance services), construction companies, shopping centres, department stores, educational and hobby institutions, etc.

  • Producer’s liability insurance

      indemnifies damage caused due to defects in the products produced, sold or intermediated by the insured person. Producer’s liability insurance is first and foremost needed by the food industry and food-service industries, wholesale warehouses, the importers of products, the producers of convenience goods, raw materials and construction materials, the sellers of construction goods, etc.

  • Employer’s liability insurance

      indemnifies damage in relation to an occupational accident that has occurred with an employee or a diagnosed occupational disease. Employer’s liability insurance is needed by all companies, especially those involved in fields of activity with a higher than average level of danger, for example in the field of construction, processing industry, agriculture, etc.

  • Professional liability insurance

      indemnifies damage that has been caused due to a professional mistake in the course of the professional activities of the insured person. Professional liability insurance is first and foremost needed by providers of healthcare services, auditors, notaries and other representatives of a profession, specialty or vocation.

      In regard to to professional liability insurance offers or liability insurance generally,
      please send an e-mail outlining your needs and wishes to info[at]pzu.ee.

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.