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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a cornerstone of carefree travel. When purchasing a trip or immediately after the purchase, make sure you also acquire travel insurance with a suitable period of validity, sufficient sums insured and a sufficient cover.

Travel insurance covers unexpected and unforeseeable accidents or illnesses abroad as well as travel interruption and luggage insurance events. Furthermore, you can purchase additional insurance covers.

The target market of travel insurance comprises permanent residents of Estonia and persons who begin their journey in Estonia.

We offer both short-term travel insurance and recurring travel insurance. You can choose a period of insurance from a single day up to a whole year.

Always choose the extent of insurance cover and region of insurance according to the destination and purpose of your trip.

  • Insurance covers

      There are different types of insurance cover that you can choose from. Insurance covers must be selected carefully depending on the destination and purpose of your trip. Make sure to carefully read the travel insurance terms and conditions.

      Medical expenses insurance

      In Estonia, medical assistance is available every day and does not require a separate insurance. However, when travelling, you can benefit from medical expenses insurance, which covers the medical expenses and transport costs incurred due to unexpected illness or an accident. If a doctor prescribes that the patient requires urgent transport to Estonia, the related costs are also indemnified. Additionally, the transport and accommodation costs related to a later return trip are covered, if the insured person cannot return to Estonia as planned due to a medical expenses insurance event.

      Medical expenses insurance also covers:

      • costs related to first aid for dental emergencies (e.g. unexpected tooth ache) up to 200 euros;
      • treatment costs incurred as a result of a sudden exacerbation of a long-term illness, if travelling was permitted;
      • costs of unexpected complications related to pregnancy up to €5,000 (before the 28th week of pregnancy);
      • funeral costs (except the cost of the funeral feast and travel costs of persons participating in the funeral) and/or transport costs of the body to Estonia.

      Treatment expenses may vary greatly by countries, which is why we recommend selecting the insured amount carefully depending on the destination and duration of your trip. The selected sum insured is valid per traveller.

      • Risky activities (including sports) cover If you engage in risky activities (including sports) in a foreign country, this must be indicated in the policy. Risky activities are, for instance, mountain skiing, snowboarding, recreational diving, bicycling, mountain and water hiking, and participating in training, training camps and/or sports events. The detailed list and exceptions can be found in the insurance terms and conditions.
      • Physical work cover If you engage in physical work in a foreign country, it must be indicated in the policy. Physical work is, for example, working as a car or bus driver, forestry, agricultural or construction worker, machine or equipment operator, catering worker, hotel attendant and cleaner. The detailed list and exceptions can be found in the insurance terms and conditions.

      Personal accident insurance

      Personal accident insurance is valid together with medical expenses insurance. If, as a result of an accident that occurred on a trip, the insured person dies or loses their capacity for work either partially or fully, a personal accident insurance indemnity of up to 10,000 is paid.

      Travel interruption insurance

      Travel interruption insurance helps you in situations where your trip is unexpectedly interrupted, cancelled altogether or delayed due to problems related to means of transport. We recommend choosing the sum insured of travel interruption insurance depending on the initial travel costs, to which any possible additional costs must be added for situations where you need to return unexpectedly. The selected sum insured is valid per traveller.

      Travel interruption insurance covers any expenses that incur as a result of:

      • trip cancellation, i.e. when a booked and paid or purchased trip does not take place. In this case, the cost of services not used in connection with the trip (e.g. accommodation, airline tickets, car rental, concert tickets, excursions), which the insured person is not entitled to recover from the travel agency or other travel service provider are indemnified.
      • travel interruption, i.e. when the person insured cancels a trip that has already begun and returns to Estonia or arrives at the destination later than planned. Upon travel interruption, the reasonable and justified additional travel and accommodation expenses necessary for the insured person’s return to Estonia or to reach the destination of the trip or related to the prolongation of the trip are indemnified. If a trip is interrupted within the first 24 hours, the cost of the unused part of the travel package is also indemnified;
      • late arrival for a trip, i.e. if the insured person is late for the point of departure or transit due to delays in scheduled transport caused by a traffic accident, a technical failure of a means of transport, overbooking, adverse weather conditions or a crime. In the event of being late for a trip, the additional costs of changing the ticket for the purpose of getting to the destination or return to Estonia, or the costs of using an alternative means of transport and additional accommodation costs are indemnified. In the event of a change in the flight schedule of scheduled flights made by the air carrier after the tickets have been purchased, the fee for changing the tickets and the cost of the increase in the price of the new tickets due to the change will be indemnified for up to €150.

      Please note! The trip cancellation cover starts 72 hours after the premium is paid, which is why it is very important to purchase insurance immediately after booking your trip.

      Travel interruption insurance additional covers You can also select travel interruption additional cover and waiving the trip additional cover in addition to your travel interruption insurance.

      Travel interruption additional cover supplements the travel interruption insurance and covers cases that are related to:

      • an unforeseen cancellation of a public event or a work-related meeting that was the purpose of the travel;
      • a flight delay of more than 4 hours, due to which the insured person cannot reach the event or meeting that was the purpose of the trip;
      • a natural disaster or an act of terrorism on the travel route;
      • work stoppage or a strike in the transport company or the company providing the service used for travel.

      Waiving the trip additional cover enables you to abandon your trip for any reason.

      It is important to consider that:

      • the cost of transport, accommodation, or other services which the insured person was unable to use and which the service provider was unable to reimburse;
      • deductible of 30% shall be deducted from the amount eligible for indemnification;
      • waiving the trip additional cover is valid if the insurance contract is taken out no later than two weeks after the trip is booked or otherwise contracted.

      Please note! The waiving the trip additional cover does not apply if the border of the country of destination is closed at the moment the insurance contract is concluded or cover is added, and this situation will continue until the date of departure.

      If you wish to purchase waiving the trip additional cover, please contact our customer service.

      Luggage insurance

      Luggage insurance covers the personal items and clothing taken by the insured person on the trip.

      Make sure to read the detailed list, which can be found in the insurance terms and conditions.

      Luggage insurance covers the expenses you incur if your luggage is stolen, damaged, destroyed or its arrival to the destination country is delayed for more than four hours due to a transport company’s fault.

      It is important to consider that:

      • in the event of your luggage getting damaged or destroyed, the repair costs or the market price less the deductible is indemnified;
      • in the event of luggage delay, the cost of purchasing essential items (basic clothing, toiletries, etc.) abroad up to the amount of €60 per each day of delay, and for a maximum of three days of delay is indemnified;
      • in the event of the theft or robbery of an identity document abroad, the reasonable and justified cost of identity documents strictly necessary for the continuation of the journey will be indemnified.

      If the luggage insurance additional cover is selected, the cost of purchasing or hiring essential items for the purpose of the trip (e.g. sports equipment, formal attire) will be reimbursed in the amount of up to 400 euros in the event of baggage delay. Upon indemnification, a luggage insurance deductible of 30 euros is applied.

      We recommend choosing the sum insured of luggage insurance depending on the contents of your luggage and the value of items therein. The selected sum insured is valid per traveller.

      If you wish to purchase luggage insurance additional cover, please contact our customer service.

      Liability insurance

      Liability insurance covers unexpected and unforeseeable material damage or personal injuries caused to third parties, for which the insured person is legally obligated to indemnify. Liability insurance also covers the costs of legal assistance.

      For example, we will indemnify the medical costs in relation to a bodily injury unintentionally caused by the insured person to a third party. We will also indemnify the cost of a vase as an item of goods in the store if you accidentally bump into it and it breaks.

      The insurance amount of 35,000 euros applies to all insured persons insured under one contract. A deductible of 60 euros is applied in the case of liability insurance.

      Rental car deductible insurance

      Rental car deductible insurance covers any claims issued by a car rental company against the lessee in relation to damage to or theft or burglary of the rental car in a foreign country. The deductible specified in the vehicle’s rental contract is indemnified up to the insurance amount specified in the insurance contract.

      The rental car insurance deductible is 2,000 euros, which applies to all insured persons insured under one contract.

      If you wish to purchase rental car deductible insurance, please contact our customer service.

  • Regions of insurance

      Always choose the region depending on your destination, so that all countries that you pass through during your trip are covered.

      Travel insurance regions are as follows:

      • Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania;
      • Europe, except Egypt and Turkey: Europe*, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Canary Islands, Morocco, Tunisia;
      • Europe, including Egypt and Turkey: Europe*, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Canary Islands, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey;
      • the whole world, except Australia, Canada and the USA;
      • the whole world, including Australia, Canada and the USA. 

      Please note! Depending on the region selected, the insurance cover is not valid on the territory of Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine.

      * Europe: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France (except overseas regions), Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Vatican City.

  • COVID-19 special terms and conditions

      COVID-19 and medical expenses insurance

      In the case of an insured event of medical expenses insurance, the insured person will be reimbursed for the treatment expenses related to contracting COVID-19 and set out in the terms and conditions, up to the sum insured of medical expenses insurance agreed in the contract. Expenses related to COVID-19 quarantine or other restrictions, including additional accommodation and transport costs, are not subject to indemnification under medical expenses insurance.

      The additional accommodation and transport expenses incurred as a result of quarantine can be insured under travel interruption cover.

      COVID-19 and travel interruption insurance

      Insured events of travel interruption are:

      • cancellation of the trip if the insured person, their family member travelling with them or the only travel companion falls ill with the COVID-19 virus before the start of the trip and cannot therefore go on the trip;
      • interruption of the trip if caused by the insured person, a family member travelling with them or their only travel companion contracting the COVID-19 virus while travelling. In this case, the insured person will be indemnified for the reasonable additional costs of accommodation and transport for returning to Estonia and staying in quarantine abroad for up to 14 days.

      Please note!

      • All other cases of travel interruption, which are affected by the COVID-19 virus (quarantine requirements mandatory testing, self-isolation and prohibition on entering certain regions established in states, changes in flight times/flight cancellations, etc.) and the additional costs incurred are not subject to indemnification.
      • The cost of the COVID-19 test required for travelling is not covered.
      • Indemnification is subject to the condition that the insured person has a medically confirmed case of COVID-19.

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.