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Loss adjustment

It is important to know what to do next if a traffic accident happens, so that the event is registered and the sum insured is paid out in time. We have prepared the following information for this purpose.

Registration of loss notice

Registration of the loss event is the first step. Please submit a claim notice to do this. You can do it here.

Necessary documents and ascertainment of facts

We need copies of documents (photos taken with a phone are also suitable) in order to handle the loss event. When you fill in the loss notice on our self-service or with our partner, please submit the following to us:

  • a copy of a driver’s license issued in a foreign country;
  • in case of an accident with more than one car, a written act completed at the scene (photos/videos).

We check the information submitted about the incident, inspect the scene of the accident, if necessary, and collect additional information. If you and the other party/parties did not reach an agreement on the division of guilt and the police initiated proceedings, we will also send a query to the police, if necessary. It may happen that we have to wait for the result of the misdemeanour proceedings before we prepare our decision.

Once we have all of the required documents and information, we will make our decision as soon as possible and send it to you by email.

Inspection of insured property

If you can drive the vehicle, we advise you to immediately contact our repair partner who will check the vehicle and record the damage. You can find the list of our partners here. With a vehicle with a valid factory warranty, you can go to the dealership.

Once our repair partner has checked the vehicle, they will prepare a calculation and send it to us. The time required for the preparation of the repair budget depends on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repairs. As a rule, the preparation of a repair budget takes up to two working days and we approve it in up to five working days.

Let us know immediately if you cannot drive the vehicle or it’s not safe. If necessary, our representative will inspect the vehicle at the scene of the event and organise the transport of the vehicle to the repair company. We will also indemnity the respective expenses if you organise the transport yourself, but please make sure you request our approval for this in advance.

Indemnification for cost of repairs

We indemnify for the justified expenses of restoration of the damaged property by paying the repair company directly for the repairs. To that end, we first issue a letter of guarantee to the repair company that prepared the calculation. We send the letter of guarantee to the repair company immediately after making the decision. We will also send a copy to you.

Once the repair company has received confirmation of payment of the repair costs and the required spare parts, it will agree with you when the work will start. The time required for the repairs depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

Indemnification of an injured party (client) who is a legal entity and VAT payer for cost of repairs

If the injured party (the person who is the owner or the user of the property, who is obliged to restore the property) is a legal entity and a VAT payer, we will issue a letter of guarantee to the owner of the property (the authorised user in the case of leased property) on the basis of the calculation prepared by the repair company. The cost of the restoration of the property will be calculated without VAT in this case. The reason for this that the amount of VAT (input VAT) payable on the restoration service can be set off with the state, i.e. it is not a part of the damage.

After the repairs, the repair company will submit an invoice directly to the injured party, who will pay it and the submit a request for compensation of damage in free format to PZU Insurance, and enclose a copy of the repair invoice and the payment order. Once the required documents have reached us, the indemnity will be paid in a couple of working days.

Replacement car

The option to use a replacement car in the case of a motor insurance event has not been provided.

If you have entered into a comprehensive insurance contract with PZU Insurance and the plan includes the use of a replacement car, please let us know separately that you would like to use a replacement car.

Indemnification for damage if restoration of the property is not expedient

If your vehicle or other property was so badly damaged in an accident that its restoration is not economically reasonable, it will not be restored and you will be paid compensation in money.

For this purpose, we will determine the value of the property before and after the insured event. We will assess the condition of the specific vehicle before the event and factors that affect its value, and compare the sales offers of similar vehicles on the Estonian car market.

The amount of the indemnity that will be paid out to you depends on what you plan to do with the damaged vehicle (damaged property). If you hand it over to us, we will pay you an indemnity equal to the value of the property before the insured event. If you decide to keep the damaged vehicle, we will reduce the indemnity by the value of the vehicle after the insured event.

The integrity of the vehicle or other damaged property when handed over to us must be the same as at the time when it was inspected by our partner. If you change the integrity of the vehicle (change the wheel rims, battery, remove the audio device, etc.), we have the right to reduce the compensation by the value of the changes made.

You must hand over all of the vehicle’s documents, keys and items belonging to the vehicle (spare wheel, wrench, etc.) to the insurance company with the vehicle.

The possessor of the vehicle or other damaged property will be liable for the storage and preservation of the property until it is handed over.

PZU is AB "Lietuvos draudimas" Estonian Branch trademark in Estonia. AB "Lietuvos draudimas" is Lithuanian insurance company, that is part of the international PZU Group. Before entering into an insurance contract, please examine the terms and conditions or dial +372 622 4599 for additional information.