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Windshield repair

Windshield repair helps you quickly get rid of small chips in the glass without letting it develop into major glass damage.

Windshield chips
It sometimes seems as if chips are formed on the windshield by themselves. However, in other cases, a small stone hitting the windshield with a bang can really cause a good scare, and the resulting glass damage is an understandable cause for frustration. While windshield chips might not initially disturb you, specialists still recommend that you definitely contact a workshop to repair them.

If the windshield of the vehicle has a chip, it doesn’t always need to be replaced – sometimes, it can be repaired instead.

Repairing the windshield is more environmentally friendly than replacement. Repairs will take up to 30 minutes. The Carglass® lifetime warranty applies to the repairs. Repairing the chip in the glass is without a deductible – free of charge – for PZU comprehensive motor insurance customers and it does not affect the insurance premium.

A small chip in the windshield that is left unrepaired may develop into a major crack. Chips that are no bigger than a 2-euro coin can be repaired. After repairs, the glass is just as strong as before the chip occurred.

Advantages of chip repairs:

  • Speed – it only takes 20-30 minutes to repair a chip. On the other hand, glass replacement along with waiting for the adhesive to dry takes nearly three hours. Another factor to save your time – chip repairs are generally performed immediately in a live queue and you do not need to book a separate time.
  • Quality – chip repairs are usually so good that the exact spot that was repaired is hard to identify.

Repairs prevent the chip from developing into a crack, and the workshop will provide the owner of the vehicle with a respective lifetime warranty.

If your windshield was hit by a stone:

  • Wipe your windshield clean where the chip developed;
  • Put a sticker on it since humidity and dirt make repairs harder;
  • Contact the nearest Carglass® dealership

PZU glass repair partners are Carglass  and Classdrive.

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